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EDUCATING & Empowering REAL Women

Festival-Style Networking Events (UK)

Community to Grow business, career & you

The Home of Female
Education & Empowerment

Awards & Affiliations

Passion. Purpose. Power.

We are ProspHER. We believe ALL women have the right to thrive in their professional lives.

We provide the platform & tools to make that happen!

Together, we can all ProspHER.

10 years in the making

Learn, grow & connect

Networking with a difference

Do we align with your values or business?

ProspHER are seeking individuals and companies who are aligned with our mission to educate & empower 1 million women to achieve their professional aspirations and full potentials.

If this aligns, we want to hear from you!

It's all about YOU & Connecting to others

We each have something uniquely brilliant to bring to the table.

It’s time you put you & your business first, with education, connection & support… what are you waiting for?

Mixing Business & Pleasure

Engage you & your business or career, with festival-style networking in the UK.

Women in business, this is designed for you! Expect workshops, talks, discussion,  entertainment & giggles!

Once upon a time, there was a woman with BIG dreams, and with the right
guidance & support, all those dreams (and more) became reality.

ProspHER Passion. Purpose. Power.
ProspHER Passion. Purpose. Power.


Intense emotion compelling action.


Intention to accomplish or attain.


Great or marked ability to do or act.